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Tiny Dragon Press is releasing a new magic item book filled with 50 absurd, humorous, and downright amazing magical items and artifacts and there are three open slots available for people from the community to submit their ideas! The best three magical items will be added to the book and the item creators will be given full credit in the book for their submissions and will receive a free physical copy of the book!

The theme for the book is one of 'accidental artifacts, backfire curses, and pranks where the intent for the creation of the item may be at odds with its eventual power. Swords are created and cursed to ironically strike their own wielders, artifacts of incredible power are created by accident from simple magical efforts while zany pranks and strange substances confound the unsuspecting.'

Please add contact details at the end of this form so that I can get in touch with the 3 winners. You don't have to add contact details but obviously I won't be able to get in touch with you if you don't.

Optional format guide:

"Name: Example Item

Aura faint transmutation; CL 1st
Slot feet; Price 1,000 gp; Weight 5 lb

Description: Description of history, appearance, purpose, and practical effect of magical item."

The example item "Boots of Celerity and Unwanted Horses" is illustrated and described below to encourage the imagination!
Boots of Celerity and Unwanted Horses
Aura faint transmutation, faint conjuration; CL 1th
Slot feet; Price 6,000 gp; Weight 2 lb

These rugged leather farm boots look like they've seen a thousand muddy days and are deeply stained but still appear in good physical condition otherwise. The boots bestow the wearer with an increase of their base land speed by 10 feet (considered and enhancement bonus). In addition to the speed increase the boots will also summon the nearest horse directly to the wearer every 12 hours. While the land speed increase effect will begin immediately after the boots are put on, the first horse will not be teleported to the wearer until the boots have been worn for exactly 12 hours, thereafter the nearest horse will be teleported to the wearer and every 12 hours after that. The horse will appear close to the wearer in the nearest unoccupied safe squares that can accommodate a large creature.

Once the boots are worn they cannot be removed unless with the aid of a remove curse spell or similar magic. For the purposes of the teleportation effect a 'horse' is defined as "a hoofed plant-eating domesticated mammal with a flowing mane and tail, used for riding, racing, and/or to carry and pull loads." and as such any creature matching that description from pony to clydesdale (or other-dimensional creature that matches the definition) will be targeted by the teleportation effect. The same horse can be teleported more than once as long as it is the nearest horse when the 12 hour timer resolves. The horse is always a real horse that has a history of existence. The spell does not create a horse but merely teleports an already existing one. The horse arrives with whatever saddle, equipment, or barding it was wearing however if the horse had a rider or was pulling a wagon or load at the time that it was teleported then the rider or wagon/load is left behind.

The only circumstances that will prevent the horse-teleportation effect are if the wearer of the boots are currently engaged in riding a horse or if there are no horses on the current dimensional plane of the wearer.

Construction Requirements:
Craft Wondrous Item, longstrider or expeditious retreat, mount; Cost 3,000 GP
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