PyBay 2017 Work-Trade Application
Want to help support the Python community? Want discounted admission to PyBay but don't want to take your chances on winning a scholarship?

PyBay has 25 work-trade roles for friendly, helpful folks who can work well without a lot of guidance and solve problems with a positive attitude. Generally, the majority of your work will happen during the main conference days, August 11-13. A few folks will be helping during the pre-conference workshop days, August 10-11. During your shift(s), we hope you'll have fun and wear the conference crew T-shirt with pride. We're counting on our crew to help make sure everyone has a great experience, and you'll play a key role in helping PyBay become a Bay Area tradition.

Most work-trade crew will help about 6 hours during the main conference days with:

- Room hosting for 3 sessions
- make sure speaker shows up, upload their slide deck to pybay's g-drive, introduce speaker, host Q&A, hunt down AV techs or trouble shoot other issues in the room
- ~3 hours of various shifts
- handle registration/ask me, be a floater, set up/take down signs/decorations, stuff swag bag

If you have demonstrated skills in photography, social media, marketing, or other areas that will help make PyBay a success, we may be able to create a special role for you instead of, or in addition to, the responsibilities above.

Work-trade conference tickets cost $100. Once accepted, you'll pay $200 up-front, and once you perform your agreed-upon tasks, you'll receive a $100 reimbursement at the end of the conference.

We will send an email by August 1st so you can signup for your work-trade shifts. We'd recommend that you familiar yourselves with the talks ahead of time to increase your chance of hosting the talks you want to see

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We'll have more details about 2 weeks before then
Will you be available to host full-day or half-day pre-conference workshops? *
Pre-conference workshops are held in SF during the day on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before the main conference. If you answer yes, we'll contact you mid-late July to see if you can help. Workshop hosts will help with registration, workshop leader introduction, troubleshooting AV, and other issues during the session. You'll be working more total hours than other work-trade crew members, but you get to sit in on the assigned workshop(s).
If approved, can you pay $200 for your ticket and be reimbursed $100 after completing the assignments? If you just want to help and donate the difference in ticket price to the conference, please indicate so. *
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We look forward to you joining the PyBay Crew and helping support the community!
The PyBay Crew from 2016
We think they had fun :-)
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