Starred Players for GMCL Competition
In order to make our competition fair there are rules in place to stop the best players playing in club's lower standard teams. The rules are show in Player Eligibility under the GMCL Rules menu from 2.9.

In summary (but not to replace the rules)

Each team with two teams must name a minimum of their best 5 players to include all paid players whether named as professional or not and these players cannot play in the clubs second grade team. THIS IS LIST A.

In addition, any clubs with three or more teams must name their next best players to give a total of 16 who are excluded from playing in their third grade or lower teams. THIS IS LIST B.

- You should consider all players at the club who play regularly.
- Players cannot choose to play in Lower Grade Teams as well as your higher teams.
- Failure to include the best players can lead to points penalties and fines for the club.

Players who are not available for long periods or players who do not join the club until later in the summer should not be included until they start playing. The league will check on the number of appearances and THERE ARE NOW POINTS PENALTIES AND FINES FOR LISTING UNAVAILABLE PLAYERS

The league will regularly review lists and request adjustments where necessary but the league will also review Current Season player stats at the end of June to enforce best player rules and request adjustments to lists and may impose a list of players should the club list be found unacceptable.

Young Players
The list should always be the best players at the club irrespective of age and whether your list is the best 5 or best 16 players it may include Under 17 players. Even though they are listed, Under 17 players can play in a 3rd XI or 4th XI league game even if starred. The list should be noted where a player is Under 17.

Change of Role
If you have a player/players who is/are stepping down from 1st & 2nd XI cricket to only play Sundays then you do not have to list them but you should make a note in the relevant notes space on the form. Please note that once any such player has made the decision to step down where they would normally be starred they cannot play for the higher team(s) as well as the 3rd or 4th XI until they have completed a full season at the lower level.

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