2022 TPFF Community Non-Profit Table Application
The Takoma Park Folk Festival welcomes all community non-profits to join us! Complete this form to register for a non-profit organization table at the 2022 Takoma Park Folk Festival. The Festival takes place on Sunday, September 11, 2022, 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.  Spaces are 10' x 10' and include an 8' table. Tables are $50 for organizations that are not collecting donations/fundraising or selling organizational merchandise. Tables are $65 for organizations that will be collecting donations/fundraising, or selling organizational merchandise. Please pay online at http://e.tpff.org/tables or mail your check to the address below. We reserve the right to refuse participation by any organization for any reason; if we refuse your organization, we will refund the fee paid.
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Organization Name *
Organization Contact Name for Tabling *
Select a contact person who will coordinate your community table participation. They will receive all of our e-mail instructions for participating in the Festival. If you need to change your contact person after applying, please notify us.
Organizational Contact Phone for Tabling *
Organizational Contact E-Mail for Tabling *
Organization Address *
(This is an address where the organization can receive mail. We will only use it if we can't reach you by e-mail or phone, or if you request event materials to share).
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501(c)(3) number *
(If your organization does not have an IRS number, please tell us why you qualify as a non-profit.)
Table Type *
Please choose your table type and cost based on whether or not you plan to collect money via donations or membership sales, and/or sell organizational merchandise during the event. Groups may sell such items as t-shirts, literature, buttons, and bumper stickers directly related to their mission. Sale of jewelry, food, beverages, or crafts of any kind is prohibited because these compete with artisans and food vendors who pay fees to be vendors. Any community group can use their table as a forum to educate the public about the organization and/or issues, and may request signatures for petitions, enlist volunteers, and distribute free literature.
If you plan to sell items or collect money at the Festival, be sure you have selected the $65 option above and describe what you will sell or how you will collect money here. As noted, you may not sell jewelry, food, beverages, or crafts of any kind.
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