Art Auction Bid Form
Fill out your bid for the art piece(s) you desire :) Most are prints, but the hats and cups are physical items!
Who are you? (put your name below) *
My Friend Squidward (min $10)
Sweet Cottage Bucket Hat (min $15)
Meet Joe Black (min $10)
Communist Hero Britney Spears (min $10)
Navajo Behind Aloe (min $10)
Handmade Terra Cotta Cup #1 (min $10)
Handmade Terra Cotta Cup #2 (min $10)
twins (min $10)
Bell Rock (min $10)
Soul Train (min $10)
Pepsi (min $10)
Cigarette Man (min $10)
Nice Legs (min $10)
Skinny Dip Sunset (min $10)
Grape Nuts (min $10)
Billy Corgan (min $10)
Mac (min $10)
Jello (min $10)
Green Eggs (min $10)
Sedona (min $10)
Octopuses Bucket Hat (min $15)
Dancing (min $10)
Mays (min $10)
Faceless (min $10)
Decades (min $10)
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