Adventure the Preview
Once upon a time, long ago, in a non-existent, fictitious, magical place that was as real as you or I. . .

There lived a young adventurer. He wanted to become a powerful wizard, so he studies hard everyday, often with his friends or reading through online wizarding forums. When the annual WizCon came to town, he went to a seminar on Ancients Myths & Legends, and heard about a powerful talisman that was purportedly lost in the Southern Wastes during the Battle of The Ancient Armies not so long ago. So he grabbed a bag of beef jerky, a thermos of hot gatorade, and headed south towards the Lost Woods. Crossing through them was the only way to the Haunted Graveyard, and he would need the council of one of the Keepers to seek out the talisman. He entered the woods and stuck to the clearly-defined footpath. The forest canopy made it difficult to see at first, and once his eyes adjusted, the forest seemed to shift and move around him in a way that made him feel like he was walking in circles, even though the path never turned. Then he came to a crossroads.
Which way should you go? *
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