Prep Charter Parent Survey 2018-19
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Think about your experience at Prep Charter as you read the statements below. Please fill in the circle that best describes how much you agree or disagree with each statement.
At this school, my child feels he/she belongs. *
I feel welcome at this school. This school is a friendly place overall. *
This school encourages me to be an active partner in educating my child. *
I feel comfortable talking to someone at this school about my child's academics and behavior. *
This school values parent input and cares what families think. *
This school promptly responds to my phone calls, messages, or emails. *
At this school, the staff really care about my child. *
My child is safe at this school. *
Physical fighting between students is a problem at this school. *
Bullying of students at school or school activities is a problem at this school. *
Bullying of students via electronic means or devices is a problem at this school (cyberbullying or social media). *
At this school, student drug use, alcohol and/ or the use of electronic cigarettes is a problem. *
This school notifies parents or guardians effectively in the case of a school-wide emergency. *
The school building is clean and well-maintained. *
Attending school every day is important for my child to do well in his/her classes. *
This school has high expectations for students. *
This school sees me as a partner in my child's education. *
The school provides me with information about ways to be involved in the school. *
The school’s teachers make themselves available to me to discuss my child’s progress throughout the year. *
The programs and resources at this school are adequate to support students with special needs or disabilities. *
This school provides high quality services to help students with social or emotional needs. *
When my child does something good at school, I usually hear about it from the teachers. *
This school communicates school policies and procedures clearly to parents or guardians. *
School rules are applied equally to all students. Discipline is fair. *
I am likely to recommend this school to a parent looking for a school for their child. *
I am satisfied with the education my child is receiving at this school. *
The school is effective when it comes communicating with you or your family in the following areas: *
What would help you to participate more often in school functions, activities, and planning events? *
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Additional suggestions/ comments for administration: *
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