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Apply to join the George Hacks team by MONDAY, APRIL 1st at 11:59 pm!

We are a student-led organization that provides students a platform for problem-based, interdisciplinary healthcare innovation for social impact. Our 'hackathons' are innovation competitions that facilitate early application of classroom knowledge to real-world issues, develop teamwork skills, and improve communication of ideas across disciplines. We present innovation challenges sourced directly from the needs of outside healthcare organizations to give students the opportunity to address existing specific problems in healthcare. We promote the entrepreneurial spirit by exposing students to what it takes to create a feasible, marketable solution, and provide students with resources to move forward in the innovation pipeline. To help students with human-centered design and prototyping, we provide mentorship from industry experts and workshops for students to learn both technical and soft skills.

As a team member, you will be expected to bring in your creativity, a strong initiative, good communication skills, and an excellent work ethic to make our events as successful as possible in fostering student innovation. If you have any questions about time commitment for a specific role, please contact us.

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Works closely with director in managing organization.
Helps facilitate partnering, sponsoring, fundraising, etc.
Administration (making sure others' responsibilities/tasks are fulfilled)
Technical Director
Communicates closely with SEAS student orgs, faculty and staff
Coordinates technology/supplies acquisition for prototyping during events
Determine feasibility of pitches for hackathons

Finance Chair
Creating/maintaining the budget
Processing reimbursements
Ordering all materials
Fundraising Chair
Dedicated to increasing funds to run George Hacks activities.
Objective: Initiate and acquire grants, partnerships, sponsors
Event Operations Team ( > 1 person)
Organize makerspace, workshops & activities
Coordinate SWAG
Food vendors
Reserving venues
Marketing Team ( > 1 person)
Social Media
Graphic Design
Content development (1-pagers, flyers, event write-ups, etc.)
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