Keith Howell Mobility Trust
Application Criteria - All fields required (if info requested is not applicable or available, write NA)

PLEASE CONTACT if you reside in Canada for assistance. PLEASE CONTACT if you reside in the United States for assistance.

1. Mobility equipment as awarded by IAM Ministries via the Keith Howell Mobility Trust will be for driving aids as manufactured by Howell Ventures Inc. There is a list of equipment in the application form. Please after review of the list indicate which equipment you are applying for.
2. The application and supplementary information must be submitted in connection with a CDRS/DRS who is a member and good standing with ADED.
3. The application must be accompanied by proof of applicant competency for the equipment that is being applied for by the prescribed CDRS/DRS.
4. IAM Ministries with Keith Howell Mobility Trust is to be considered as a secondary source of funding. Attempts for local/state funding are to be primary in attempt to secure funding. A copy of all documentation to support declined applications must be included in application.
5. Applications must be fully complete.
6. Applications must supply information in support of vehicle physical condition. Including: current registration, current insurance, current motor vehicle inspection in states or provinces that require annual government inspection. In a case where the vehicle is not registered to the applicant a letter from the registered owner explaining the relationship between the user and the vehicle owner will be required.
7. Grants will be withdrawn 45 days after having been approved if equipment has not been installed or installation rate/appointment has not been confirmed.
8. After an award has been granted, IAM Ministries will notify H.V.L. of the particulars of the award. H.V.L. will make arrangements with a Sure Grip trained installer for installation of equipment.
9. All equipment awarded will be shipped to installing dealer only, never to applicant.
10. Only completed applications with all supporting materials will be considered for funding. All applications will be accepted electronically ONLY.

11. You must include a valid email address and all requested materials in order for your application to be considered valid.
12. Currently only applications from the Continental United States and Canada are being considered.
13. If the applicant is already in possession of like driving aids the applicant will not be considered for funding.

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