T-shirt order form
Fill out the form completely to order your testimony shirt. The shirt will be red with black lettering. Any word that helps you peak interest and jump into your testimony is appropriate.

Orders are due by August 18th. You will pay for your shirt when they come in. Shirts are $12. You will need to pay cash or make a check out to A Winning Attitude. (These shirts cost a little more because they are all individual.)

If ordering multiple shirts, please fill out the form once for each shirt so that the right word gets on the right size shirt.

When the shirts come in, there will be an optional evangelism training. It will be offered by Jerry to help you feel comfortable presenting the Gospel. You will get to practice using your shirt to share the Gospel message if you choose to attend.

Here are some that have been used and some other options just to help you think outside of the box:

Beloved, redeemed, ransomed, worthy, purified, blessed, forgiven, cleansed, equipped, justified, freed, found, controlled, released, embraced, served, rejected, hopeful, liberated, received, anointed, called, sought, pursued, persuaded, lifted, adopted, chosen, allied, champion, content, discipled, renewed, clean, washed, exalted, lifted, warrior, armed, protected, struggle, learning, peaceful, still, friend, rescued, serenaded, guarded, alien survivor, filled, addict, consumed, changed, fighter, determined, relentless, listener, patient, joyful, overwhelmed, loved, inviolable, strong, abandoned, sought, worthy

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