2019 MakeX Challenge Scholarship Application
【1】 MakeX Challenge is the medium-level program of MakeX Robotics Competition. It aims at inspiring young people to learn more about Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Art (A) and Mathematics (M).

【2】 If you are looking forward to join MakeX Challenge and are eager to learn and explore more in STEAM education, this First #MakeX Challenge Scholarship (including the MakeX 2019 Challenge Kit *1 、the MakeX 2019 Challenge Practice Arena Pack*1、MakeX Challenge Technical Guide 、the Opportunity to Participate in #MakeX Robotics Competition which value $15000 in total )could be yours.

【3】 If you have any questions or wanna know more about us, please send email to vicky.zhang@makeblock.com.

【4】 if you couldn't upload all of your documents in this application, please send them to vicky.zhang@makeblock.com directly.

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Please provide us all your team-members' (including mentor's) names and emails .
Please tell us your previous competition experience and the main organizer(s) of the competition. (The more detailed information the better) *
Please write down other project(s) about robotics you have done and your role/responsibility.
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