The Ocean Lab: Unlimited Application
The Unlimited Membership at The Ocean Lab is our highest membership tier.

It represents a shared commitment between our establishment and our best customers, based on mutual respect and a desire for growth.

The vision we are working towards with this concept is one of co-creation and collaboration, with seasoned Unlimited members essentially becoming an extension of our staff. The eventual goal is a high trust collective having 24/7 access to our facility.

We have designed the Unlimited membership to be an incredibly affordable investment for those truly committed to becoming the best versions of themselves through the use of our services. Accordingly, we have to be selective in who we offer this privilege to.

And, since there are only 3 of our giant float cabins in a metro area of almost 2 million people, we want to make sure that those cabins are being leveraged for maximum impact by people driving meaningful change in the world.

Pairing an Unlimited membership with the capacity constraints of a physical location creates some potentially problematic situations. However, these essentially disappear when there is agreement on shared values and behaviors.


If you're just looking for a good deal, or to extract as much value as possible from our community, then this probably isn't going to work out.

If you're looking to grow with us, add value, and be an ambassador for the community we are building at The Ocean Lab, then let's get the ball rolling!
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