Pledge to Act on Climate
President Donald Trump poses a threat to progress on the climate crisis. President Trump’s actions, including his appointment of Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, his statement to remove the U.S. from COP 21, his promise to repeal the Climate Action Plan, his questioning of the very existence of global warming and climate change, and his commitment to revive the fossil fuel industry, signal an antagonistic approach to climate science and a disregard for the severity of anthropogenic climate change.

As an influential educational institution, Harvard must resist the attacks being made on progressive climate action and divest from the fossil fuel industry. By investing in fossil fuel companies, Harvard endorses a business model that relies on massive disinformation campaigns and the poisoning of people and the planet.

We are committed to have Harvard divest its direct holding from the top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies. As a first step, we have called on President Faust and the Harvard Corporation to fully divest from all and any coal companies and promise to not invest in coal in the future. If President Faust does not give us a response by March 10th or rejects coal divestment, we will take escalated action.

Join us. Pledge to act on climate this spring.

Divest Harvard

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