Chisnallwood Sound Tech Training permission 2017


Congratulations on being selected to train to be a sound tech in 2017.
The training days for all those who have been selected to be technicians this year are on Saturday April 22nd (the second Saturday of the school holidays) and a repeat session on May 6. It's fine to attend both sessions.

Please be at the Performing Arts Block ready to begin at 9.25am.

You will be provided with a resource booklet and we will have additional guest experts helping run the day. To help cover costs we are asking for a donation of $10.

Bring your lunch.
Wear mufti.

Saturday April 22nd 9.30am-2pm
Saturday May 6th 9.30am-2pm


9.30am – 11am Care of Gear including coiling leads, sound chain, different mics, leads and foldback…
Setting up and understanding the digital mixer, amps and speakers. Introduction to Gain, EQ, FX

11am Morning Tea break

11am – 1pm Hands-on - operating portable powered mixer and speakers and operating the digital mixer and basic operation of Hall Lights, camera, media.

1pm-1.20 lunch

1.20-2pm Summary, understanding the school sound tech roster.

Please let Mrs Bell know whether or not you will be attending this session by filling in this form.

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Saturday April 22nd 9.30am-2pmSat April 16th, 9am-1pm
Saturday May 6th 9.30am-2pm
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Pay $10 through the school music office (or $15 for both)
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