2017-18 Application for PDP Travel Funds

Full-time and associate faculty should use this form to request funds from the PDP travel account.

    Department and other District funds must be exhausted first.

    These funds are available to a faculty member only after s/he has exhausted all other means of funding, e.g. department, divisional, and/or institutional funds, grants, etc. If the cost of your trip will exceed your department and/or other District funds, you are eligible to apply for PDP funds. See the travel page of the PDP site (http://tiny.cc/pdpmcc/travel) for additional information.

    A completed TR with **ALL** signatures is required.

    Your application for travel funds is not complete and will not be considered until PDP receives your completed and signed Travel Request (TR) form. The form must have all authorizing signatures: department chair, dean and/or VP, and president (president's signature is required for out-of-state travel). Note that the TR must receive all signatures at least two weeks (14 days) before the date of travel. You may fill out this request without submitting the TR, but PDP will not act on it until the completed TR is received in our office.

    Maximum request amount for 2017-18 is $650.

    Beyond your department and other available District funds, full-time faculty and associate faculty can request up to $650 during the 2017 -18 fiscal year. If you do not use all of your available PDP funds ($650) for a single trip you can request the remaining amount on a subsequent TR.

    If you have not yet exhausted your department or other District funds, or this TR will not exceed those amounts, then you are not eligible for travel funds from PDP.