Short-Term Youth Mission Trip Application
An application for youth to possible attend a short-term mission trip. The criteria to apply for the trip is the following:
1. Those in High school will be considered for a position on the team
2. Candidate must be in good standing at Fellowship Baptist church (or another church) and in agreement with the statement of Faith.
3. Candidate must be actively involved in the church, prior to departure; i.e. attending services, involved in youth as much as possible.
4. Teens that are under the age of 18 require parental support for going.
5. Teens will be required to undergo fund raising, not exclusive to, but including a support letter requesting monetary support
a. To give a fuller understanding of the missionary endeavor.
b. To allow others within the church and the Christian community to be an active
participant in the mission ministry.
6. Youth must be willing to pay at least 750$ of their own money toward the trip. If this is not possible exceptions may be made.
7. Teens will be required to attend the mandatory team training sessions before and/or during the trip.
8. Youth will be required to not only attend the overseas portion of the trip but also the debriefing. Unavailability to attend the debrief excludes a teen from consideration for the team.
9. Upon returning from the mission field:
a. submit a written report of the experience to the mission's ministry team within one month after returning home
b. Attend the team oral report to the church (to be scheduled prior to the individuals/ team's departure by the pastoral team- for no later than six weeks after returning hime).
10. Youth are required to fill out application form, provide references and turn in all in by predetermined due date.
11. Youth candidates will be interviewed by a committee consisting of two members of missions (or 2 individuals chosen by the mission committee), two adults actively involved in youth ministry (as chosen by the pastoral staff), and the mission coordinator. one of the leader of the trip will be involved in the process.
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