MND2019 Scholarship Request
We'd love to have you attend Madison Nonprofit Day. It's a wonderful event, and you deserve to be a part of. Please complete the very short form below, and we will issue a ticket for you. Sorry, you are limited to just one scholarship. If there is someone who you wish to bring with you, they must also complete the scholarship form. If scholarships run out, there are volunteer opportunities. Volunteers also receive a free conference ticket.

If you receive a scholarship, your ticket is in no way restricted. You can attend pre-conference and conference sessions, and activities, have access to food, beverages, exhibits, and exhibit table swag. Because we generate tickets weekly, we can not guarantee that there are currently scholarships still available. But we can let you know, that they don't typically run out before the end of September.
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To grow our scholarship funding for 2020 and 2021, we'd like to ask you one additional question regarding employment.
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