FREE Distance Learning Program for parents/non-profit organisations wishing to partner with Robokids in: "Inspiring kids everywhere to become problem solvers!

Please fill the form below to indicate your area/s of interest within STEAM Education (hands-on, problems and projects based, fun learning aimed at helping our kids become future-ready with the Robokids Core Human Development Framework of Values-Attitudes-Habits-Knowledge-Skills). We will contact you within 3 working days after receiving your application to explain how our distance learning program works and your flexible role in it. We look forward to welcoming you in the family of a growing community of parents, schools, NGOs, companies, universities and other individuals and organizations who care about facilitating the development of our next generation of caring and productive global citizens.

At homes & schools working with Robokids, kids develop mental skills and confidence as they enjoy solving problems by making smart devices, apply fun maths, develop creative communication skills through story telling and learn programming to create digital games, mobile apps and electronic solutions to the evolving challenges of the modern era.

Our teaching and assessments system is based on the certification by NASA-Columbia University's Endeavor Program for Leadership in STEM Education. Robokids is an affiliate of Geekit (UK) and Maker Camp ® (US). We are a proud sponsor of robotics events like NEO at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology and Tech-athon by IEEE Computer Society at the NED University. Our team of engineers is inspiring students, assisting parents, supporting teachers and energising the work of school management at several schools.

'WonderBots™', 'Inventors in the Making™', 'I am a Robomaker™', 'Smart World™', 'Game 10101™', 'Fearless Mathsperts™', 'Mathspert Kids™', 'WonderBots - The Prequel™', 'Snakes & Lies™', 'Adventures in Maths™', 'I-PIE™', 'Space Adventure HQ™', 'Battle Cry: Machine Invasion Begins™' and other products designed by Robokids include curriculum developed by Robokids engineers and published by Intel, Harvard, NASA & others. LEGO ® and Microsoft Kodu ® Game Lab are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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1. Robotics Primary School Curriculum (ages 3-14)
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