Knights Wraparound Care
Thank you again for choosing Knights Wraparound Care. More paperwork and information will be available during open house between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm Thursday, August 24th.
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Please register for all of the days your child will be enrolled in the Knights Wraparound Program.
Payment will be required at the beginning of each week.
A two week written notice with payment and pre-approval is required to change your contract.
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By adding your daily contracts you will find your weekly total. Please put that total in the space provided below. During open house, you will be asked to sign a contract stating your intent for enrollment with the days provided on this form. Changes may be made to the contract at that time if needed.
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Parent/Guardian Contract Agreement Form
Registration Fee: A $25 registration fee for each new child is required upon registration and admission. This is a one-time fee for uninterrupted services at the Center (not including summer care programming). If you choose to leave the Center and then return, you will have to re-pay the registration fee.

Payment process: We require weekly payment for all children. The child will automatically be scheduled at the contracted time each day. If for some reason the schedule would change, the parents/guardians must turn in a revised schedule the Wednesday prior to the week of the change. Payments will be due every week.

Late Payment: A $5.00 late fee will be added to all late payments of more than 5 days. We reserve the right to discontinue care if full payment is not made for 30 days or more. A $5.00 late fee will be charged each week for tuition payments not received.

Late Pick-Up: a late charge of $1.00 for every minute late beyond our regular hours. The time used will be the school clock time. Please notify staff if you are running late as a courtesy to them.

A two week written notice with payment and pre-approval is required to change your contract.

A two week written notice with payment is required for withdrawal of a child.

A child may be dismissed from the center if the welfare of themselves or others makes it necessary and if all remedies to the situation have been exhausted.

I have read this contract and understand my financial expectations and responsibilities: *
By clicking yes you are in agreement of understanding with the above statement. Clicking yes is considered a digital signature. (wording of contract is subject to change up to signing date)
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