MN Combined Club 2019 Interest Form
We're interested in you and we want to know if you're interested in us. This survey is a combined interest survey for MN Mixed Club Ultimate. Please take a few minutes to fill out our form.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Based Teams Included:
Drag'n Thrust -
Minnesota Star Power (MSP) -
Bird -
Mojo Jojo -
Melt -

Duluth Based Teams Included:
Duloofda -,

Registration for the combined tryout is live. Please visit the link below to register through MN Ultimate in addition to completing this survey:

USA Ultimate Information
An active USA Ultimate membership or one time event cost will be required for all participants during the mixed combined tryout and an active USA Ultimate membership will be required to participate on any of the teams listed above. If you have any concerns with the costs associated with a USAU membership please contact us directly at any of the above team leadership emails listed at the top of this form.

To register with USAU and get your USAU ID#, use this link:

General Information
First (Preferred) Name *
Last Name *
How would you like leadership to refer to you at tryouts (Nickname, pronouns, etc.)?
Email Address *
Phone Number
XXXXXXXXXX format please
Current Age
Age as of Dec 31, 2019
Position on the Team
What is your preferred position? In regards to gender, we understand that some players may identify as something other than male or female. USAU has released a Transgender Policy to help clarify how gender ratios may be determined for mixed teams as well as eligibility for the Open and Women's divisions (See link below). All clubs teams involved will not require any disclosure of personal medical records or history.

I would like to tryout for a spot as a: *
Position *
Pure Handler
Pure Cutter
Offense/Defense *
Pure Offense
Pure Defense
Club Ultimate Experience
Please indicate the number of years of experience you have for each category.
Years of Captaining Experience *
Years of Coaching Experience *
What Ultimate teams have you previously played for?
Please separate teams with a comma. Leave blank if you have not had any past experience on a competitive Ultimate team.
Why do you want to play Mixed Ultimate?
Team Interest
Please indicate your level of interest for each team. Interest level in a rostered position as well as a practice position have been included.
Roster Interest Level *
3 - High Interest
2 - Medium Interest
1 - Low Interest
0 - No Interest
Drag'n Thrust
Minnesota Star Power (MSP)
Mojo Jojo
Practice Interest Level *
3 - High Interest
2 - Medium Interest
1 - Low Interest
0 - No Interest
Practice Player - Drag'n Thrust
Practice Player - Minnesota Star Power (MSP)
Practice Player - Bird
Practice Player - Mojo Jojo
Practice Player - Melt
Practice Player - Duloofda
Have you completed your registration for Tryouts?
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