Palliative care in Humanitarian Settings
Palliative care in humanitarian settings is receiving more attention but there remains many gaps. Complex humanitarian emergencies such as displaced people as well as mass casualty events such as earthquakes and floods occur within India; often with little warning. Palliative care is not part of formal response interventions but there are many examples of local initiatives. The aim of this survey is to explore the awareness, understanding and expertise among palliative care physicians about the the palliative care in humanitarian settings which support a position statement from IAPC. We invite your opinion, research and experience. We are also looking to build contacts within government departments and humanitarian organisations in relation to this issue and welcome your help. Lastly, we invite you to sign up and attend a pre-conference workshop at IAPCON 2020 in Guwahati, Assam to present findings, hear from national and international speakers and agree next steps.
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