2018-2019 Great River School Application
Thank you for your interest in Great River School. This application must be completed in full by an adult for NEW students only. Applications received prior to March 2nd were included in the lottery on Thursday, March 8, 2018. Applications received after that time are automatically added to the waiting list in the order received.

Please note - if you are applying for more than one student, you must complete an application for each student. Listing the names of other students for whom you are applying will not enter them into the lottery. There must be a separate application for each prospective student.

Please complete each box using "same" or "none" or "NA" (if there is no information to provide) as appropriate.

By filling out this form, you certify that all information is correct and verified. Any errors may result in an invalid response.

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Grade Level in 2018-19 *
Great River School serves grades 1-12. We do not have a kindergarten class.
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Does this student have a sibling currently enrolled at Great River School? *
Only check "Yes" if a sibling is enrolled at GRS during the 2017-18 school year.
Name(s) and grade(s) of currently enrolled sibling(s).
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Are any siblings of the applicant listed above applying to Great River School for 2018-19? *
Name(s) and grade(s) of siblings applying.
Please include the grade of this student. NOTE: You must complete a separate application for each student applying. Listing them here does not count as their application.
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Parent/Guardian 1 Email *
This will be the primary mode of contact from the school regarding this application. Please check to make sure it is typed correctly.
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