Galactic New Year: Human Illumination
The new Crystalline Soul Codes of Humanity are waiting to be received in order to create a crystal grid for our New Earth in synchronization with our galaxy. Our galaxy is turning into a new energy of divine harmony. The old cycle of the old paradigm of humanity will close and a new crystal light will enter our planet and our hearts.

The new Golden Age is arising and all souls are called to connect with its original crystalline frequency of the universal creative powers. The clear and pure frequency of crystals has the right power to move you between time and space in such a lightness and clarity so your soul purpose can unfold very easily. When your heart is becoming a rose crystal you are in synchronization of the one loving cosmic heart of all existence. We open for the crystalline structure of your soul in order to bring you back into harmony and realignment with your super soul and all souls.

Sunday, July 26th, 2020
Berlin (CET): 9 AM – 11 AM
Bali (WITA):  3 PM – 5 PM
New York (EST): 3 AM – 5 AM

This special light transmission is by donation and the beautiful people of Bali will be supported with the outcome as financial support is really needed during these times.

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Schirin Ourmutchi
Bank: N26
IBAN: DE36 1001 1001 2629 3389 78

Please make sure to state the name and day of the transmission and your name on your transfer. Thank you very much indeed.
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