Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream"
For this quiz, you'll work together in your groups to find the best information you can to fill in your answers. Each person will individually fill out a complete quiz, but I encourage you to support each other by providing examples, dividing up the readings for additional review, and determining how to apply CHAT. The goal is to learn as much as possible about CHAT so that everyone can get the highest score possible. Note that you'll need multiple examples to support each answer, so it's unlikely that any single person will remember the readings well enough to provide all the examples without some help from classmates.

Please note that I have purposely designed this quiz to be pretty challenging. Do not be alarmed if it seems impossibly hard or long - that's done on purpose. It's designed so that everyone will need to work together in order to successfully find enough examples. I recommend that you all address the questions together - rather than re-reading everything, ask each other what you remember from the texts, and then go back to see what else is needed.

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Geography and Representation (3 examples) *
In CHAT, Representation refers to the ways in which we conceive of a genre. Throughout his speech, Dr. King refers to specific geographical features of the U.S. (e.g. mountains, rivers, hilltops) in specific states (e.g. New York, Mississippi, Alabama). Why did he reference these features? Why did the crowd frequently cheer when he described these geographic points of reference? In other words, what deeper meaning was Represented in the mention of these terrain features?
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The Genre of Film (3 examples) *
The video footage of King's "I Have a Dream" was filmed by CBS and then aired at a later date as part of a documentary. What aspects of the footage indicate that this was professionally filmed? Which genre conventions of the news broadcast are included here? You should address the CHAT term Ecology in your answer describing the technology and limitations of film. Use Distribution to indicate who ends up seeing the speech.
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Representation and Quotes from the Past (3 examples) *
Throughout his speech, Dr. King refers to several historical documents and songs, pulling direct quotes from them. Which documents does he quote? Why does he quote these specific documents? What is the Representation of these documents that makes them important for King's overall message regarding civil rights?
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Reception and Socialization (3 examples) *
Based on the responses of the crowd, what was the Reception of "I Have a Dream"? (1 example) Based on the speech itself, what Socialization was Dr. King looking for? (minimum 2 examples)
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