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This form must be filled out annually to be considered for next year's Meander. Deadline: January 1, 2019. If filled out after this date, or if you have any questions, please contact Brad Hall, This form can be edited if you submit and want to add to it later. Thank you!
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Meander Artist information
This event is open to invited artists in the five-county area (Big Stone, Swift, Lac qui Parle, Chippewa and Yellow Medicine) who produce visual works of art or craft of original design and execution. The final decision on who will be included in each year’s Meander Brochure will be made by the Meander Artist Selection Committee.

What is the Meander?
The Meander Art Crawl is an umbrella marketing event for the artists who live and work in our five-county area. Artists are completely responsible for their own site, whether it is a host site or their studio. We depend on our artists to make the weekend experience good for visitors.

Art host site:
Artists may choose to exhibit in their studio or home, or they may exhibit at another site in our region. “Art Host
Sites” describes places of business or homes that are not artist studios, yet that want to be part of the Meander by hosting an artist.

Art Host sites must pay an additional fee. No more than four artists are to be at each art host site. Artists are encouraged to exhibit in their home or studio. Feedback from customers have said they enjoy the experience of visiting sites throughout the region.

 I need help finding a place to exhibit. I understand that it is the artist’s responsibility to collect the Art Host Fee.

Meander Featured Artist
“Featured Meander Artist” means that you are paying for the privilege of being listed as a Featured Meander Artist which includes your name, one image and contact information on 20,000 brochures plus a Meander website listing.

Meander Featured Artists agree to:
• help distribute brochures, posters, maps, and promote the Meander each year:
• pay the entry fee as set by Meander each year (currently $200)
• find a location to display work, either artist’s studio or an Art Host Site.
• be responsible for payment for host site if using studio space other than artist’s. (currently $150)
• submit a high quality professional photograph, slide or graphic image of artwork for the brochure
• commit to being present at studio or Art Host site for the duration of the Meander.
• track and submit sales for event evaluation procedures. This information is critical to raise funds for the Meander through grants and sponsorships.

Meander Featured Artists are also expected to:
• attend planning meetings for the event.
• share any database of existing customers for an event mailing. This dbase will be used only for Meander mailings.
• provide a place for visitor registration and customer surveys, local tourism information and possibly Meander sales items at place of exhibition and encourage visitors to fill them out or purchase items.
• consider having some kind of demonstration during the event. This continues to be one of the most popular suggestions from customers.

Meander Artist Inclusion Policy

Featured Meander Artists need to exhibit either in a studio or at an Artist Host site located within the borders of the 5-county area (Big Stone, Swift, Chippewa, Lac qui Parle and Yellow Medicine Counties).

In order to be a “Featured Meander Artist” at one of these sites, the artist needs to either have been:
1. Born in the five county area listed above, or
2. Currently reside in that area or
3. Have a “significant relationship” with this region.

The steering committee will make the final determination of which artist applicants qualify for the category of “significant relationship” for the Meander Brochure.

Each year, first chance to be a Featured Meander Artist goes to the current Meander artists. Other artists are placed on a waiting list. Available spots will go to artists on this waiting list as determined by the Meander Artist Selection Committee. Artists chosen will then be invited to join the Meander.

Please return to:

Brad Hall
Meander Artist Liaison
1000 Prentice Street
Granite Falls, MN 56241


Kristi Fernholz, Meander coordinator
323 W. Schlieman Ave
Appleton, MN 56208

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