2020 Green City Market Chef Demo Application - Outdoor Season
Thank you for supporting Green City Market! Chef demos are a vital part of each market day, and we appreciate you taking time to provide free edible education programming for our community members while highlighting our local growers and makers.

Please read the full information sheet before signing up below:

Learn about Green City Market's digital and market audience reach: https://mcusercontent.com/451c36af6175747e4f02e9f2f/files/d1f20178-d4db-4504-ad53-bd4cea355a6d/GCM_Marketing_Benefits_Reach.pdf

Green City Market Administrative Office
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Taylor Choy, Program Coordinator
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Preferred Dates for Green City Market Lincoln Park Demo Time: 10:30am (dates are approved on a first come, first serve basis). Check all that apply.
Preferred Dates for Green City Market West Loop Demo Time: 10:30am (dates are approved on a first come, first serve basis). Check all that apply.
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About Green City Market
Green City Market is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization paving a new path for the local food economy in the Midwest by deepening our support for small family farmers, educating consumers and the next generation of eaters, and increasing access to local, healthy, sustainable food.
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