The Entrepreneurs' Apprentice Pitch Fest
We're looking for founders of startups and scaleups who are willing to let an aspiring entrepreneur into their world of work!

As part of NSW Youth Week, JobGetter and Test-Ed are joining forces to host the first ever Entrepreneurs' Apprentice Pitchfest at Fishburners in Sydney CBD on Friday, 12 April.

So, we're currently putting the call out for entrepreneurs who want to do their part to inspire the next generation by giving them an opportunity to shadow them for 1 week to see what it's really like to work in the fast-paced world of startups. Not only could you help a young person discover their dream job but also give them that elusive work experience opportunity to put on their CV that unlocks the door to their first job!

The pitch you'll be asked to deliver on the night is short and sweet:
- An introduction to you and your business
- Why your business/industry is a growth opportunity
- What your one-week "apprentice" can expect by being your shadow for a week

The best part? No judgement - just jobs!

Submit your interest in being one of the Entrepreneurs who pitches on the night by Friday, 5 April.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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