Connect Group FAQ
Please join us as we prepare to launch Connect groups at St. John's church
What is a connect group?
A connect group is a fancy name for a small group. The Christian faith is so much more than meeting on Sunday, it is about walking through life together, encouraging one another through trials and triumphs. A Connect Group is one way to accomplish this. It is our desire that these groups would allow you to connect with others on a deeper level than we typically achieve on Sunday mornings. Connect groups will have elements of study, prayer, worship and fellowship.
How is this different from a bible study?
The purpose of a Bible study is to study the Bible, and the majority of the time spent at one will be pursuing that goal.
The primary goal of a connect group is to create an organic space where relationships can flourish. This might well include studying the Bible, but it might also include dinner or watching a movie. Some weeks you might delve deep into scripture, others you might spend an hour praying, and some weeks you might just play a board game the whole time. The primary purpose is not to deepen our theological knowledge, rather it is to be known in a community that reflects the Body of Christ.
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