Request for Replacement Parts
Please report missing or poorly manufactured game components here.

NOTE: For active Kickstarters, to avoid backers from receiving their games late, the parts replacement process begins after fulfillment in each region has completed.

Parts replacement happens in waves, once every 1-2 weeks. When we submit a parts replacement request, it will take the fulfillment service another 2 weeks to get the part replacement to you. For instances of parts needing to travel overseas, expect fulfillment to take up to 45 days. (Note that for most replacements, a tracking number will not be available as the package will be too small).

For any questions or issues, please email

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* Note that for box damage, we are generally not able to provide replacement boxes, as they have a high risk of crush damage when shipping. Please email for a resolution if this is your situation.
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This form will let you link or upload a picture of the problem. If it was a packaging issue, it helps to include a picture of the packaging. If you are requesting a replacement card, a shot of the specific card is helpful. (If you're not sure which version of a game you have, you can also include a picture of the box cover here.)
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