Hearken Marketing Coordinator Application
Hearken is looking for an experienced marketing professional to help us effectively translate the insights we’re generating into compelling and useful content and collateral that can be used to attract new clients looking for similar outcomes.

This position is a three month, USA-based, remote-friendly, part-time position starting September 1, 2020. If you haven't seen the full position description position, please start there at: https://www.wearehearken.com/careers

Application Deadline: July 31, 2020
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We currently do not have the option to sponsor visas. If you are not currently authorized to work in the US but interested in joining our team, we suggest you reach out to us at careers@wearehearken.com before filling out this application further.
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Some questions to help us assess your fit for this position from a few different angles. For any short answer questions please keep your answers, well, short! They should be about a paragraph or two in length (seriously!). The purpose of these questions is to get a sense of your personality and perspective, and the way you communicate and think. Feel free to interpret questions broadly and be creative.
If you have a personal site, LinkedIn, and/or portfolio you'd like us to check out, please share the link(s) here:
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This role combines product marketing, content marketing and growth marketing. Please briefly describe your experience with these approaches. *
It can be tricky to measure the efficacy of marketing efforts. Describe how you approach determining and tracking what "success" looks like in a marketing campaign or project you've been involved with. How did you decide what to track, what did you use to track it, and what did you learn?
Our team works remotely. Do you have experience working with distributed teams? If yes, please tell us about strategies you use to do that successfully. If no, please give us an idea of how you would approach that challenge. *
This position is for a 3-month, part-time contract (with the possibility for extension or conversion to a full-time position). Please share why you're excited to apply for this type of position. *
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Reminder: After you fill out this application, please send an email with your résumé attached to careers@wearehearken.com with the subject line "Marketing Coordinator"
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