INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR for Sport Performance Organisations
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Welcome to the official first step of SEMINAR ! Please fill out the form so that we can organize the stay as best as possible.

Meeting dates: June 21-25 2021 (including travel days)
Location: Ajaccio, Corsica
Topc: Meet quality partners and create a strong network to develop international activities for the benefit of our high level young athletes.
Language used : English with translations (for french participants mainly...)
Participants: between 15 and 21 persons
Partners : between 3 to 5 organisations, sending 3 participants each :
- 1 responsible for international partnership
- 1 technical or pedagogical expert (coach, trainer)
- 1 administrative expert (director, coordinator)

Fee : no fee asked, CSJC is soliciting Erasmus+ grant to make this project happen.
Activities, accommodation and food included during the project.

will be uploaded soon.


Coordinator : / 0033602090437

- Please complete the form accurately, the activities will be adapted according to your profile.
- PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL YOUR ANSWERS WILL BE PRIVATE: Only the facilitating team will have access to reading the results of this form.
Email *
In order to organise to the best the project you're about to participate to, please fill up the document with honnest answers.
First name *
Family name *
Date of birth *
Gender *
Nationality *
City of departure for travel *
Personnal mobile phone (with dial code)
Are you international responsible (IR), technical/pedagogical expert (E) or administrative expert (A) in the project ? *
Any precision about your role in the project?
In order to know you better and adapt the program to your needs, please tell us with honnest truth your motivations and knowledge regarding the topic (link for the infopack is on introduction)
Can you describe your current job and what are your responsabilities ? *
What are your motivations to participate to this project (expectations, needs...) *
Do you have specific topics you would like to talk about during the mobility ?
Thank you for answering each question with accuracy, this will help us to know you better and adapt the activities according to the profile of the group. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL YOUR ANSWERS WILL STAY PRIVATE - Only trainers will get the results of the form.
Do you swim at least 50 meters alone? *
Do you practice sport/hobby regularly ? If yes, of what kind ? *
Do you have a particular diet? (Vegetarian, religious diets, food allergies ...) *
Specific pathologies that you wish to bring to our knowledge. (Allergies, joint problems, regular treatment, diabetes, asthma, migraines, epilepsy, malaise, cardiovascular diseases in the immediate family, strong blood pressure ...) *
Do you have mobility difficulties and / or a particular handicap? Please specify *
Do you personnally consider facing one or more of these situations that could make your participation in the activities more difficult? *
Please explain if you have selected one or more points above.
Woman, are you pregnant ? *
Contact person in case of emergency (Name, relationship to participant and telephone number with dial code) *
Participants will be hosted in the Center of Sport and Corsican Youth for the whole duration of the project. The building might also host young athletes and can also host participants from other non-Erasmus trainings at the same time.

Depending on sanitary rules, participants from this project will be organised by two in rooms (2 individual beds + 1 shower and toilet room) or alone. Please think about bringing your own towel + an extra towel for the shower mat (CSJC can't provide them)
Any special request regarding accomodation?
Every person has an exclusive right over his image and the use made of it. This right applies not only to the image, but also to all the constituent elements of the personality (voice, silhouette ...).
Each athlete, each trainee or participant attending the CSJC accepts that the films, photographs or other identifications of his / her person taken during the training sessions, can be used by the partner structures as an institutional promotion. It allows these structures to exploit them by all means. The documents used must, however, have been made or acquired during the period during which the athlete or trainee was registered with the CSJC.
The CSJC can freely use this image on all its information and communication media.
I accept to be taken on photographies and/or videos *
I accept that CSJC uses these photographies or videos in which I appear. *
The Center of Sport and Youth of Corsica gives insurance to all participants during activities in its establishment. It should be noted that it is the partner organization that must ensure the foreign participants for their travel and cover the possible accident outside the activities of the project.

TRAVEL INSURANCE (for projects abroad): It is recommended to have your own travel insurance.

We recommend that you make your own European health insurance card.
It is a free card that gives you access to medical care during your temporary stays in each of the 28 countries of the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, under the same conditions and at the same price as the insured persons in this country.
You can find more information on this link:
The project will (if accepted) be financed by the Erasmus + program and the CSJC. Accommodation, food, activities are therefore provided to the participants and the CSJC requests NO financial contribution. Travel fees will be (if accepted) refunded regarding the Erasmus+ rules.
I declare by honor that I have read all the information in this form, I am agree with all the terms written and have accurately completed all the information given above. Please enter "read and approved" (lowercase and without quotation marks) to finalize the form. *
Do you have any other specific point you want to tell us ?
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