New Frontier USY RGB Applications
Welcome to the 2018-2019 New Frontier year!
The dedicated leaders of our region are crucial to New Frontier’s growth and improvement. The following is the application for the 2018-2019 Regional General Board. Being on RGB is an amazing opportunity to gain valuable experience and lend your unique skills to help our region be the best it can possibly be this year. Before filling out and submitting your application, please be sure to read the following information carefully.

Being on the RGB is a very rewarding leadership experience. The RGB’s purpose in New Frontier is to collaborate with the Regional Executive Board in working on a variety of activities including but not limited to writing programs, working with the regional SA/TO on this year’s initiative, leading religious services, and leading icebreakers. RGB is a perfect way to transition into leadership on the regional level.

While being on RGB is a valuable and gratifying experience, it is important to keep in mind that it will require a time commitment. As an RGB officer it is expected that you always strive to do your best work, attend chapter and regional events, and work with your regional counterpart. RGB officers are also expected to represent the region as responsible and engaged role models. Remember that all applications will be carefully considered to ensure that we have as successful a year as possible. Can’t wait to see all of the amazing things we achieve this year!

Applications are Due: June 8, 2018
Best of Luck!

Your 2018-2019 New Frontier Regional Executive Board,
Eli, Sara, Miri, Aviva, Shay, Nitzan, and Avi


Mem/Skwad :
Mem/Skwad RGB officers may be assigned as class representatives, in these roles they would assist Regional Mem/Kad, Miri Leaderman-Bray in her duties. These include chapter outreach, planning class cup, and 8th grade Shabbaton activities, assisting in icebreakers, and working to increase chapter, regional, and international membership.


Gabbai Chair:
Gabbai Chairs will be in charge of helping Rel/Ed Aviva Futornick assign positions and distribute honors for services at regional conventions! You will find people to lead various services and occasionally step in for last minute Tefilot. You must have some knowledge of services as well as the ability to persuade people to help.

Tefilah/Shacharit Chair:
Tefilah/Shacharit Chairs will help Rel/Ed Aviva Futornick plan and lead creative shacharits at regional conventions. Someone with a little knowledge of services, as well as lots of creativity and ruach when planning awesome services!

Social Action/ Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam Chair:
The position of Tikkun Olam Chair will have the responsibilities of helping sell O-Grams during the end of conventions. In addition, this position will also have the responsibility of helping raise money for SA/TO and encouraging chapter fundraising. This will also include helping inform people about ongoing fundraisers and the goals for those fundraisers. They will also help the SA/TO develop ideas about specific organizations that the money this is raised can go towards. These ideas can come from the SA/TO, RGB, Chapter SA/TO's, and USYers in general.

Initiative Chair:
The position of Initiative Chair will be to help the SA/TO write initiative based programming for conventions and help run these programs during conventions. In addition, they will have the job of relaying information about the initiative to chapters for chapter events and serving as a link between the SA/TO and the chapter SA/TO's surrounding local events. They will also have the responsibility or ensuring that chapters are aware of potential items that the USYers need to bring for a specific initiative program at conventions.

Israel Affairs

IA Convention Chair:
The Convention Chairs will assist the regional IA Nitzan Bochner with the planning and carrying out of Israel-related programming for conventions, as well as help plan and promote the year's Israel initiative.

Tech chair:
You will work with the Communications Vp, and Israel Affairs VP to help advocate, educate, and build a connection between USYers and Israel. You are also in charge of the technology at conventions, and making sure all projectors, microphones, etc. are in working order.


Photographers are in charge of taking photographs at every regional event and will be tasked with photographing certain events from their chapter. The photographers must have an adequate camera and will be provided with an SD card for events.

Media Chairs:
The media chair will be responsible for assisting the REB Communications VP with the upkeep of regional accounts and will be responsible for assisting the chapter Communications VP’s with the upkeep of chapter accounts. In the event that a chapter does not have a Communications VP on their board, a media chair will be assigned and fill in as the Communications VP for that chapter.


Conventions are a time when the whole region can come together and everyone can see what New Frontier is really about. As co-chair you are responsible for making sure that everyone has what they need for programs as well as ensuring that the convention is being run (mostly) on schedule and according to plan. You will be helping the REB run and plan programs to make the convention as amazing as possible!

Fall Kinnus Co-Chairs: November 2- 4, 2018
Winter Shabbaton Co-Chairs: February 8- 10, 2019
*May Convention Co-Chairs: May 17- 19, 2019

*You must be a senior to Co-Chair May Convention

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