CASA's Climbing Anthology 2
Welcome! Submitting to the CASA Climbing Anthology 2? You're past the final deadline of Sept. 1, 2017. We'll take your late submission, but we may not be able to publish it this time around.

The Climbing Association of Southern Arizona (CASA) is thrilled to offer you another opportunity to share your climbing story.


WHAT TO SUBMIT: This is a NONFICTION anthology. Please make your story as true as it can be. We love stories about Southern Arizona. Stories need not be set in Southern Arizona if they have an obvious connection to this region or if they are related to who you are as a SoAZ climber.

WHAT NOT TO SUBMIT: Think about your audience—the local climbing community. Be sensitive to considerations of libel and invasion of privacy. We will not publish sexually explicit, pornographic, or vulgar material. We know that climbers curse, so we won't discourage profanity; but please be thoughtful about your word choice.

WORD COUNT: No story is too short. If it's longer than 5,000 words, we may shorten it or choose not to publish it.

By submitting your story via this form, you are consenting to CASA's one-time publication of your work, if accepted. We will solicit your final approval of any edits made. If we don't hear from you, we reserve the right not to publish your work. Depending on the volume of submissions, we may only choose to publish some stories. Finally, this is not a fundraising project; as such, we are unable to offer compensation.

Need a spark of inspiration? Take a look at our first Anthology, Stories from the Drylands, at

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