Festival volunteer registration 2020
Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Bathing under the Sky. Volunteering with us is a great opportunity to get an insight into what it is like to work at a festival, meet new people, learn new skills and have fun. Before you apply there are a couple of things we need to mention:

º It is important that you understand that this is a very fast paced work environment. Anyone can volunteer and you don’t need to have any experience or skills. However, a positive attitude towards your fellow team members and our customers as well as willingness to work hard is paramount to providing our service.

º We understand that you want to enjoy the festival outside of your working hours, however, you will be expected to turn up to your shifts well rested and able to perform your duties to the highest standard.

º At the beginning of the festival there will be a staff briefing for all crew. All volunteers will be required to attend without exception. Time spent at the briefing will not count towards your shift. Briefings last max. 1 hour.

º You will work a maximum of 4 x 6 hour shifts during a 4 day festival. If you are late for your shift, you will have to stay later to make up for the missed time. You will have a 20 minute break during your shift.

º Spa opening hours are usually 8am-8pm or 9am-9pm. At Wilderness we open until 10pm and you may work 1 or more late shifts. You will receive your shift pattern on site each day.

º You will need to pay a deposit of £190 via PayPal that will be refunded upon completion of all your shifts.

º You will need to bring your own tent/camping equipment to stay in. You will be able to pitch in the festival crew camp area or in general camping. You should also bring sensible footwear and waterproof clothes.

º We are not able to help with your transport to/from festival and are not able to help with the cost of travel. We can however put you in touch with other volunteers who may be able to offer you a lift.


Once you have submitted your answers we will put you on the waiting list for your chosen festival/s. Volunteers joining us for more than one festival will be given a preference if the event fills up. We will contact you again 10 weeks before the first festival and ask you to process the deposit payment no later than within 1 week of receiving the link. Your festival space will be guaranteed when you pay the deposit and you will then receive a Volunteer Handbook. Festival accreditation will be sent closer to the event.

We really look forward to hearing from you!

Bathing under the Sky team
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National insurance number. *
If you do not have a UK National Insurance Number please answer 'N/A' below and email a copy of a visa/work permit evidencing your right to work in the UK to alex.junior@bathingunderthesky.com with the title 'Volunteer Work Visa'
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Which festivals would you like to attend? *
In the "other" column, add any comments such as festivals you would like to attend but will need to confirm.
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Uniform size required *
You will get a t-shirt and a jumper as uniform. At the start of the festival, you will sign for these items and it will be your responsibility to return them at the end of the festival. Unreturned items will be deducted from your deposit. You will not be allowed to wear your branded uniform on the festival site outside of your working hours.
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Do you have any existing medical requirements or health issues?
If none, please skip to the next question. If yes, please email alex.junior@bathingunderthesky.com with details so we can assess which role would be most suited to you. We will make any reasonable adjustments so you can fully enjoy the experience however, please do note that the spa gets very busy and the work can be physically demanding. Details of your condition will be strictly confidential and shared with the management team only.
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Do you require a car parking pass?
Please specify which festival/s you need the pass for and your registration number. Some festivals will issue a parking pass that will need to be printed out. Please note that spaces are limited and we therefore ask that you do not request a parking pass if you do not really need one. You will be able to add a parking pass at a later date if required. If you're happy to offer lifts, please let us know here with details of where you'll be travelling from and we will let other volunteers know to contact you. We cannot help with lifts or cost of travel.
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Festival mates
If volunteering with a friend/s, you will work the same shifts. Groups of more than 4 volunteers may have to be split on some or all shifts in order to cover all positions equally. Please let us know the names of your mates here.
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Anything else?
Please let us know anything else about your application.
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Deposit *
Deposit of £190 will be required 8 weeks before your first festival. A payment link will be sent to you via email. Only one deposit required per season. Deposit will be refunded once you complete ALL shifts.
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Personal data *
If you become a festival volunteer, we will need to complete an accreditation form in order for you to receive the festival ticket. This means that some of your details will be shared with the festival accreditation team. This would typically include your full name and contact details as ID checks will be required to gain entry onto the festival site.
Festival arrival times *
We advise to arrive one day before the festival opens to public to avoid the crowds. Please plan your journey carefully to allow enough time to attend the briefing on time. At some festivals, it can take up to 2 hours to get through accreditation.
Confirmation of terms *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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