Camera Branch: Anonymous COVID-19 Safety Reporting
You can use this form to let the Camera Branch know if you've been asked to work in a way that you believe to be unsafe in relation to Covid-19. You do not have to be a Bectu member.

Members who want an immediate response from a union official should contact Bectu directly on or call 020 7346 0900 during office hours. If you use the email option you can cc to keep the branch in the loop.

There is an option at the bottom of this form to ask for a Bectu official to follow up your report. If you don't select this option, this form remains anonymous & any information you put into it will be used for monitoring purposes only - Bectu will not contact a production unless a member specifically asks an official to do so. Please bear in mind that this form is monitored by volunteer Camera Branch reps, so if it's urgent, the quickest way is to go direct to the union.

You can also read the government guidance for reporting of coronavirus incidents in the workplace under RIDDOR (The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) here: . Your employer is obliged to report a ‘dangerous occurrence’ if an unintended incident at work has led to someone’s possible or actual exposure to coronavirus, and must also report any actual cases or deaths that happen as a result.

Unless you choose to add contact details to get a response, this form is anonymous. Information entered into it is covered by Bectu's privacy policy which you can see here: 

Further information on the work of the Camera Branch can be found at If you're based in London or the South East of England & you'd like to join, go to (Bectu members living outside London/SE are organised differently, in regional branches).
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What is your role in the Camera Department? *
Are you a Bectu member? *
What's the title of the production you want to tell us about? *
And what is the production company? *
Production contact name & email (for the record - not compulsory). Any member who wants BECTU to contact a production on their behalf should email .
What sort of job is it? *
What is the start date & how long is the engagement? *
Where is the shoot taking place? *
Did production ask you to quarantine before starting work? If so, for how long, & were you on full pay?
Generally speaking, how safe do you feel working on this job, in relation to Covid-19? *
Not at all safe
Very Safe
Liability (tick all that apply): *
Liability: are you aware that according to UK law, even if you sign a waiver, your employer still has a duty of care to protect you? *
Getting to work: *
Transport during the working day / between unit base & location (minibuses etc): *
Was there any testing offered? Tick all that apply. *
Was there a Covid-19 safety briefing or similar communication of what protocols were in place before starting work? *
If the job is longer than a one-day shoot, is the safety briefing repeated every day? *
Is there a 'Covid Supervisor' on set to enforce safety guidelines, and how much authority do they have? *
How successful is the Covid Supervisor at enforcing the safety guidelines? *
Not at all successful
Very Successful
Crewing levels: were you asked to work with a smaller crew than usual? If so, which job roles have been left unfilled & how does that affect you? *
Is sufficient time given for safe working? Tick all that apply & use 'other' to give more information. *
PPE provision (masks & gloves): *
Were you offered any training in the safe use of PPE (e.g. putting on, taking off, disposal etc)? *
Are there any crew on set who refuse to use PPE (not including actors)? *
Is social distancing practised on set?: *
Has a system of on-set 'zoning' or one-way traffic around set been put in place? What methods were used? Was it adhered to?
Has 70% alcohol hand sanitiser been provided? *
Have sufficient hand-washing facilities been provided? *
Catering (tick all that apply): *
Kit cleaning (tick any that apply): *
Cleaning materials for kit *
Symptoms & illness (check any that apply) *
Further severe reporting...
If you're a Bectu member, would you like a union official to contact you about this report?
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