Electric vehicle charging
New Ash Green Village Association is aware of the growing importance of electric vehicles as a more sustainable mode of transport. But in a lot of New Ash Green we face the challenge of how to charge vehicles when garages and parking are not always close to houses. We need evidence of the present and likely future requirements. Please help by answering these questions and giving us your answers by the end of August.
1. In which New Ash Green neighbourhood do you live? *
2. How many cars or other vehicles (not motor bikes) does your household park at home overnight? *
3. Do you regularly park a vehicle in your garage? If yes, say how many vehicles. *
4. Do you have a garage with an electric power supply or could a supply be provided direct from your house? *
5a. Do you currently have an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle? *
5b. If so, where do you usually charge it (tick all that apply)?
6a. Would you consider obtaining an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle in the next five years? *
6b. What would discourage you from acquiring one (tick all that apply)?
New Ash Green Village Association is grateful for your help
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