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Ebookaroo dates (note: AUSTRALIAN time, so likely the day before where you are):

29 May, 3 June, 8 June, 14 June, 20 June, 26 June, 2 July, 7 July, 13 July, 18 July, 26 July, 4 August, 10 August


Here is an example newsletter: http://preview.mailerlite.com/c6c9g4
Your book will go on the page accessed through the "Check out specials and new releases" section.

Current subscribers: 37,800

Sales: depends on your book, anywhere from 0-33, whole-series sales are common for books with awesome covers.

Let me know which date suits you best. Filling out this form does not guarantee inclusion unless I've invited you to submit.

It works best for a promo you have already booked and planned, since this is a 100% volunteer project by a private author who makes no money out of this and I don't have time sending out acceptance emails and reminders.


- NO COUNTDOWN DEALS! These apply only to the US and UK. We're an international bunch.
- This newsletter caters primarily to readers of SF/F/H. I do sometimes cover PNR/UF or other romantic speculative titles, but this is not my main audience, and I will only feature them if the book has a pretty, non-sexualised cover.
- No preorders, unless invited. You can of course enter a book when it's on preorder, but it will only be featured once the book is live.
- Sorry, no free books. I will post free books on the Ebookaroo Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ebookaroo/) and the way to be listed there is through the SFF cross-promotion Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1163390753699773/)
- I can't "reserve spots". The data from this form goes into a spreadsheet from which I automatically generate the page. If your book data is not complete, I can't do anything with it.
- Box sets: OK, if single author. Multi-author sets are welcome if there are 10 authors or less, or if the contributions are short stories. Otherwise by invitation only.
- NO shortlinks, cloaked links, bit.ly or other link shorteners (not even the Amazon ones!)
- WIDE books preferred, because of point 1
- Your covers must look professional, books must be well-edited and formatted.

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You may also use an image you host on your website but it MUST be 250 pixels or less wide.
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