Ebookaroo Entry Suggestion
Ebookaroo dates (note: the day be fore in the US. This goes out in Australian time): 25 June, 5 July, 15 July, 25 July, 5 August, 15 August (all dates with a 5 in them)

Free books are booked out until 5 August.

I need: 99c books, especially WIDE, audio books (I know you don't control the price, there is a provision for this on the form)

General notes:

- The Ebookaroo does NOT accept Kindle Countdown Deals or Select free days at any time.

- The newsletters are usually scheduled about 2-3 weeks ahead of time. Try to submit at least 3 weeks in advance or you may miss out.

- SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY AND HORROR ONLY. I'm less interested in romantic or religious titles, or books for children. Short stories are also a hard sell.

- I love 99c deals, especially box sets. Amazon-exclusive and wide welcome, although I give preference to wide books.

- Your chances to be featured with a full-price book are vastly increased if you're a regular contributor to the newsletter.

- You can submit preorders, BUT they will only be covered once the book goes live. PLEASE DON'T submit books that are on special only for as long as the book is on preorder.

- Please only submit when you're already planning the promo for books that will definitely be that price on those days. This newsletter is not a commercial venture and I do NOT send out acceptances.

- You can enter free books, but they need to be available at at least five retailers.

Title *
About links
Please do NOT include hyperlinks, SmartURLs or bitly links. I have no idea where these go, and your book will not be included.

The links you enter here must be LIVE links. They will go directly into the spreadsheet which I use to make the page.

When entering an AUDIO BOOK: please use audio links--Amazon, NOT Audible and enter a SQUARE image
Amazon link (NO Countdown Deals or Select free days, Amazon link, not Audible if audio book)
Kobo link (leave blank if none, direct store link only, NOT B2R link or SmartURL, or any other app)
B&N link (leave blank if none, direct store link only, NOT B2R link or SmartURL, or any other app)
Apple Books link (leave blank if none, direct store link only, NOT B2R link or SmartURL, or any other app)
Google Play link (leave blank if none, direct store link only, NOT B2R link or SmartURL, or any other app)
Other link (Example: Smashwords store, direct sales, leave blank if none. Please, no links that require readers to leave their email address)
Blurb (feel free to copy from Amazon) *
How to make an image link:
Go to your book's retailer page (Amazon or Kobo or whatever). Right-click (or Cntrl-click on the Mac) the image. Select "Copy image URL". Paste in the field below.

Do not use Dropbox, website or Google Drive links.
Image link (if audio, use a square image) *
Price *
This is a... *
Date(s) when this price applies (please list whole range when your book is going to be at that price) *
Email (in case I need to ask a question) *
Author Name *
You made it all the way down here?
This promo costs nothing. I run these newsletters 3-4 times a month. I also send many smaller mailings. The website and mailing list required for this promo costs me $100 per month. This used to be covered by affiliate sales, but that is no longer the case. Although this is a fun project, being compensated for my time makes it so much more fun!
You can now help defray the cost of running this promotion with a measly $2 per month on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pattyjansen
What do Patreon supporters get?
I set up the Patreon when Amazon screwed down their affiliate benefits so much that the income no longer paid for the newsletter's 25,000 mailing list.

I want to make a few points about the Patreon account:

The Patreon Ebookaroo supporter level is $2 per month and I would be eternally happy if you waited until you became a regular user of the newsletter (as reader or author) before you jumped in.

THIS IS NOT A PAY TO PLAY VENUE. You cannot pay me to take a book I don't think is ready.

On the flip side, I don't require you to be a Patreon supporter to feature your books. Submit away. If the book looks great, I'll do my best to feature it, supporter or no.

- I will give your book priority. The newsletter can get busy at times.
- You can give away audio codes
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