Application for Enrollment in ENV 590.45
DUE: October 28, 2016
This is a 3-credit graduate and upper division undergraduate course. The enrollment limit is 18. This course is structured as a seminar on a model of student-led learning, which means that we expect that students will both contribute to the structure of the course and participate actively in the intellectual development of the themes and topics we address. It also follows the model of case-based learning, through which students are asked to apply the theory and concepts learned in class to a particular case, articulating what they have learned about the subtle dynamics of how those theories and concepts manifest on the ground. This course will intersect with an international workshop on Alternative Discourses of PES in the Global South that will be held at Duke April 10-12, 2017. The workshop will bring together the scholars and practitioners involved in researching and implementing six long-term PES initiatives with scholars of PES from Duke and beyond.
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This course will be held Thursdays 3:05-5:55pm during the spring 2017 semester. How certain are you that, if selected, you would be able to enroll in the class?
The international workshop that is an integral component of this course will be held April 10-12, 2017. How certain are you that, if selected, you would be able to fully participate in the workshop, with absences only for courses?
The final product of the course and the international workshop will be policy white papers on the six PES case studies that will be co-written amongst the students and the scholars and practitioners who attend the workshop and may require some work on your part even after the course has ended. How certain are you that, if selected, you would be able to continue to contribute to the development of the policy white paper through at least the summer of 2017?
Which of the following languages do you speak and with what proficiency (this is not a requirement)?
Please email a sample of your academic writing (i.e. is written for an academic audience and includes citations of sources) to Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza <> and Christine Folch <>. Your application will not be considering if your writing submission is not received.
Please use the subject line "ENV 590.45 Application"
Please provide the contact information for a professor who has had you in at least one of their classes.
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