YOUtopia 2019 Playshops @ Center Camp Application
Previous years have included YOUtalks (similar to TED talks), yoga, circus performers, a violinist, and spoken name just a few!

Presentations, Talks, and Performances of all kinds are welcome and encouraged at YOUtopia! Playshops & Performances will take place in Center Camp throughout the day. The Playshops team will work hard to find you a perfect time to host your Playshop at Center Camp. All Center Camp scheduling will be handled online before the Event.

Please note: Fire is not permitted at Center Camp.
Also note that, while we expect to have access to power at Center Camp, it is not guaranteed.

Please contact with any questions you may have!
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Hours for Center Camp performances will be between 10am and 8pm, Thursday - Saturday. Performance times will also be available Wednesday from 2 to 8pm. Limited performance times may be available Sunday morning. What are your preferred performance times?
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