YOU ARE LOOKING AT AN OLD FORM EGX Rezzed 2017: Leftfield Collection Submissions
Hello! Here's the stuff we need to know to consider your game for the Leftfield Collection at EGX Rezzed, which is taking place at the Tobacco Dock, London, March 30th to April 1st, 2017. There's no cost to exhibit, but places are limited. We can't cover travel and accommodation for exhibitors, but being at EGX will put your game in front of many thousands of people. Submissions close on January the 20th, 2017.

In the case of PC games, our sponsors provide the hardware and you don't necessarily have to attend with your game. For VR, Android, iOS, custom controller projects and anything else though, you'd have to provide hardware and be able to attend to look after it during the show.

We're requesting all of these resources with URLs; because email attachments create a lot of unnecessary work. If you want to submit multiple games, that's fine but please do a separate submission for each one. Anything you submit using this form will remain confidential to Gamer Network. Screenshots are nice, videos and builds even better.

We're also especially interested in accommodating custom hardware and unusual games (e.g. Tenya Wanya Teens, Glow Tag, Space Ragers and Line Wobbler are things we've shown before). If you have such a project, by all means submit. The Leftfield is there to showcase everything from small hobby projects and interactive things, to interesting and beautiful commercial work. If you have any questions, discuss with

Sound good? In that case, we'd like to know this stuff please:
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Your studio name, if any:
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Does your game have a presskit() link?
If so, feel free to include that here and skip down to "Can you give a link to a build?". presskit() is great and you can find it at
Screenshot link 1:
(Seriously, put the links to assets this form; don't email them).
Screenshot link 2:
Screenshot link 3:
Video URL:
Project website:
Can you give a link to a build? If you can, please do:
Does your game have local multiplayer (i.e. players share the same screen)? *
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Where are you based please?
How is your project funded, if at all? *
(e.g. savings, kickstarter, publisher funding, it doesn't need funding, etc)
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
Once again: Submissions close on the 20th of January 2017, and if you have any questions not answered here, email

Don't worry about submitting early. If you want to submit updated assets/etc., feel free to just make another submission, because weeding out duplicate entries is much easier than fishing things out of my inbox. Cheers! - David H
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