ATXHAW Gettin' Knotty Make-a-thon Fundraiser
Who: Knitters, crocheters, loomers, sewers, makers alike
What: Make-A-Thon (crafting face-masks, washcloths, hats, scarves, blankets for donations to Austin Humanists at Work) Fundraiser, monetary proceeds benefiting Central Texas Food Bank
When: Wednesday, April 22- May 10, 2020
Where: AT YOUR HOMES, local parks, please adhere to social distancing guidelines in your area!!!
Why: Human hand solve human problems, lets celebrate Secular Week of Action and create physical donations for Austin Humanists at Work while fundraising for Central Texas Food Bank. We are all in this together.

How: This google form is FOR MAKERS ONLY, to collect information about all the their sponsors during the fundraiser. Since our GoFundMe and Facebook Fundraiser will multitask throughout the week, we want to keep track of how much money we raised during this Make-a-thon.

Each person who is making items during this knit-a-thon is responsible to keep track of their finished donated items, contacting their sponsors with totals for donation and to refer their sponsors to the GoFundMe and/or Facebook Giving for donation. Please report your donations of crafted items and total proceeds from your sponsors to Virginia Miller via email You may also email her with any questions or comments you may have. Thank you for your participation and good luck!
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