2020 Syracuse Parade Application
The 38th Annual Syracuse St. Patrick's Parade is Saturday, March 14, 2020 at Noon. The deadline to apply is Friday, February 28, 2020. Prior participation is not a guarantee to participate in the current year. All applications with complete information, including the televised statement, will be accepted into the Parade unless otherwise notified by the Parade Committee.
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Televised Segment
NOTE: Your application may NOT be accepted unless televised statement is provided at time of application.

Write below a brief statement about your unit or group to be read by Parade and television announcers. This statement is provided to the television crew(s) in the order set by the Parade Committee. Entries that appear our of the order set by the Committee may NOT appear on television.
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General Rules and Regulations for All Entries
1. Decorated floats are the only vehicles allowed in the parade without specific permission and consent from the Committee.
2. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed in the staging areas or while traveling the parade route. Persons violating this rule are subject to immediate expulsion from the parade.
3. Entrants must follow instructions from police & parade officials or may be subject to immediate expulsion from the parade.
4. Candy and other objects are not to be thrown from floats or by marchers. Items may be personally handed to the crowd. The reason for this: Young children run to retrieve the items & can possibly be run over by the wheels of the trucks pulling the floats.
5. No articles or persons are to be hanging over the sides of the floats or out windows from enclosed vehicles.
6. All entries are by invitation only & must be approved by the parade committee. Entrants may display a wide-variety of designs - in good taste. The advocation, opposition, or depiction of any political, controversial, or indiscreet message is prohibited. Decision of the parade committee is final.
7. Entrants must maintain forward motion. Performing is permitted during long pauses. There is no stopping unless parade marshals direct you. If you are stopped, entertain spectators until you start again. (The crowds love this!)
8. The parade committee’s decision on placement is final.
9. Equestrian units & all entrants with animals must have their own cleanup unit. Riders must be at least 14 years of age.
10. Please, no sirens in the line of march. This is a safety precaution in case of fire or ambulance emergency and it is disruptive to the bands trying to play.
11. No smoking on or near floats.
12. Vehicles (buses, trucks, cars, etc.) will NOT be allowed in the line of march unless absolutely necessary and prior permission must be secured.
I acknowledge and will adhere to all the rules and regulations listed above. Further, I acknowledge that the Parade organizers and marshals on Parade day have the final authority on enforcing the above rules and regulations and that arguing or not adhering to their instrucitons may result in immediate dismissal from the Parade line-up without refund.
I acknowledge and will adhere to all rules. *
Participation Donation
Our Parade is entirely funded by entry fees and generous donations from our sponsors. This allows us to attract marching bands, pipe bands, etc. from various locations and distribute float and band awards to our participants. You should have already made your participant donation before filling out this form, but please let us know how much you paid so that we can confirm/verify.

Note: The Syracuse St. Patrick's Parade is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Donation Amount - Please indicate what you paid. *
Paying online with credit card or PayPal (TM)
If you paid online with credit card or PayPal(TM), you should have already selected the DONATE button, but please let us know what PayPal ID you used so that we can confirm/verify. You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal once your donation is complete. Your application is complete once your donation *and* application form is received. Please feel free to contact us if you need to change your payment method or if you have any questions. info@SyracuseStPatricksParade.org
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Participant Acceptance
Just a reminder, the Parade pays tribute to the Irish, their culture & history. Partisan political or controversial messages are not allowed. This is a family oriented activity. Rain or shine, snow or hail, the Syracuse St. Patrick’s Parade begins at Noon on Saturday. Late arrivals will lose their place in line and will be moved further back. For spectators’ safety no throwing anything from the floats. Due to the televised nature of this event, it is important that units do not stop or break ranks--remain in your designated position at all times. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed and open container laws will be enforced by active duty police officers. All participants must abide by the General Rules and Regulations for entries and floats (your signature below acknowledges that you will adhere to all rules and regulations).
Please type your name as your signature to accept all the terms of this agreement. *
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You MUST click on the SUBMIT button below to complete your application.
The 38th Annual Syracuse St. Patrick's Parade is Saturday, March 14, 2020 and will start promptly at noon. The Parade line-up "Green Sheets" will be posted on our Web site, www.syracusestpatricksparade.org.
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