Volunteer Orientation Quiz
This quiz is just to determine that you looked over the orientation presentation, and can understand the basics of our organization. Please feel free to consult the presentation for help if needed.
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Quiz Questions
Is "To ensure and maintain a safe, compassionate community for cats in the Shenandoah Valley" Cat's Cradle's mission statement? *
How does Cat's Cradle receive funding? (check all that apply) *
What are the counties/cities that Cat's Cradle services? *
Where do the Cat's Cradle cats come from? *
How do we assist people with spaying and neutering cats? (check all that apply) *
Do we transport adoptable cats and kittens to no-kill partners in states like Pennsylvania? *
In order for cats or kittens to be listed on the Woof + Purr Rehoming Network, must they be spayed or neutered? *
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