Resource Center for Math & Science - Learning Assistant Application
To be eligible for consideration, applicants should have completed at least one year of coursework at Agnes Scott College.
Completed applications are due by April 30, 2021. If you have any questions, please contact LaShandra Owens @ The Learning Assistant Job Description is listed at the end of this application. If you are selected to come in for an interview, you will be contacted directly by Ms. Owens.
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*Courses with an asterisk will also offer workshops. If interested in being considered to lead a workshop, please indicate interest on the application. You can support a course without leading a workshop.
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See course listing above for those courses RCMS will support in Fall 2021.
Are you interested in leading supplemental workshops 1 or 2 evenings per week to help students master key concepts in an introductory level course? If yes, please indicate possible course(s)
Which additional course(s) and workshop(s) would you be interested in tutoring if allowable? *
(those courses which were not listed in the courses supported section above - If none, please reply NA)
List any courses that you consider relevant to your preparation as a LA. (Include: Course name ,Semester taken, & Instructor) *
Describe in detail some of your previous experiences teaching, tutoring, or helping others learn. These experiences do not need to involve science or mathematics nor does it need to be a professional experience. *
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What experiences (good or bad) have you had using the Resource Center of Math & Science at ASC? *
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 the number of hours you will be able to work;  how flexible your work schedule could be. (Please indicate if you intend to study abroad in the spring).
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 Please list your courses, including days and times.
Do you currently have or have you previously had a work-study job on campus? If so, in what role? If you do have work-study & are offered an LA position, do you plan to hold an additional work-study job in another area on campus or would you like to be hired via your work-study award? Please note here if you are able to be hired for this position via work study if applicable. *
RCMS Learning Assistant Job Description
i. Fundamental responsibility
Your role as an LA is to represent what is best at Agnes Scott, to be dependable and reliable, to work with tutees of
varieties of perceived abilities and inclinations, and to understand that you may learn aspects of some of your tutee’s
lives that may be confidential. You are honor bound to respect each person who comes to you, to be supportive of her
needs, and to expect her to thrive. You are a professional, and are expected to behave like one.

ii. Work hours and duties
Learning Assistants will work up to a max of 9 hours each week, adjusted for holidays and breaks.
These hours may include:
• staffing the RCMS (SRC or MRC) by either assisting students or addressing other SRC or MRC needs
• leading 1 or 2 supplemental workshops per week designed to help students master key concepts in an introductory
math or science class (LAs doing this may have fewer hours in the learning center)
• attending one or more class periods per week for your assigned course(s) (as needed)
• monthly staff meetings for professional development
• working as an advocate for the public presence of the RCMS in supporting the science and math programs
• attending training/orientation each semester before classes begin, or during the first week of classes

All selected Learning Assistants will be notified about mandatory training sessions.

Working hours may also include:
• individually scheduled tutoring, as requested by students
• planning and/or leading skills workshops that will be offered from time to time
• working with a professor on grading
• working problems for your assigned course or other skill-building activities

iii. Responsibilities during your scheduled working hours
• Students are your first priority; make sure it is clear to them that this is the case
• You are expected to be at work and to arrive on time, whenever you are scheduled to work
• Obtain a substitute when you must be absent or, if that is not possible, notify others before your absence and leave a
note in the SRC or MRC
• Keep the learning center rooms well organized and tidy, and be aware of missing supplies or broken items
• When not assisting students, use the large majority of your time in improving your tutoring abilities

iv. Additional responsibilities
• Make yourself known to the students in your assigned course(s), as well as the professor(s) for the course(s)
• Keep track of the progress in your assigned course by meeting with the professor and using Moodle, so that you
 what section students are currently working on,
 dates of upcoming quizzes, tests and assigned homework
• Set goals for improving your own skills related to the courses you support
• Have a schedule that is flexible enough to allow for group meetings
• Participate in end-of-semester reviews, including some work times on reading days

v. Guidelines for assisting students
• Help the students to take responsibility for their own learning
• Portray science and mathematics as enjoyable and useful
• Support the professors and their manner of teaching
• Help the students consider any honor code implications of working together on graded work

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