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A bit about the job
We are so excited that you’re interested in modeling for Ivy House Boutique! Our first focus is on our people. Our team is a group of passionate, energetic and kind individuals who seek to uplift and encourage everyone around them. Loving and caring for others is a huge part of working for Ivy House. As a model, you represent the brand both on the job and off.

If you have a passion for creating fun and unique styles, are reliable and have a positive attitude, we want you here. Not only will you get to model the clothing, you’ll have the opportunity to put together styles and push the boundaries of fashion.

Perks of the job are dependent on the number of hours worked and will be discussed upon the job offer. Models will be required to post periodically to their personal pages to promote Ivy House Boutique. Models are not allowed to work or model (paid or free) for other boutiques while working for Ivy House unless approved by Ivy House management.

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The following questions have no bearing on the hiring decision; these questions are only used to prepare for photoshoots and to make sure we have a diverse group of women representing Ivy House.
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If there is anything else you'd like us to know - write it here! Feel free to add photos below and show your personality.
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