True Nature Retreat Application
The plant medicine healing retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru from April 26 - May 4, 2019 with Kelly Behrend + Kate Moats.
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Dear One,
We're so glad you're here. Just like you, we once heard the call to go to the Sacred Valley. To speak with the plants. To receive the wisdom of Mother Earth. To acknowledge the wisdom that's already within ourselves.

To discover our True Nature.

You're here because you feel the same call. And for that, we want you to know: we see you, we honor you, and we cherish you. The world needs more people like you — willing to dig deep, to go inward, and to radiate new realities for us all. This is what it means to bring Heaven to Earth. It's not a utopian idea... it's a very real invitation, and it's addressed to you.

This retreat is designed for serious spiritual seekers. It is not a vacation — it is an intentional healing journey. We are merging transformative practices in plant medicine, meditation, breathwork, and yoga to create the space for deep healing and awakening. The retreat will be breathtaking, beautiful, nourishing, fun, and eye-opening. But it also will push you to your edge. It will move you out of your comfort zone. It will usher in major revelations for new ways of living and being. It is for this reason that we have decided to offer this retreat on an application-only basis, as a way to ensure the overall health, safety, and healing for everyone involved.

Since this retreat involves working with master plants and ancient Andean wisdom, it requires careful preparation and planning to ensure your health and safety far in advance of the retreat, as well as the respect and reverence for indigenous teachings. Specifically, this will involve dietary restrictions and changes to your lifestyle before, during, and after the retreat (i.e. eliminating alcohol and reducing caffeine, sugar, and animal product intake). It is for this reason that we request that each applicant share more about the background, habits, and intentions. All information you provide is held with care and in confidence. Thank you for taking the time to complete this application in as much detail as possible.

To support your healing and the overall experience of Peru, we'll be staying at a beautiful all-inclusive healing center in the heart of the Sacred Valley, Willka T'ika Retreat Center, Gardens, and Spa (

The total cost of this retreat will be between $2,750 (for shared rooms) or $3,110 (for single rooms) and includes luxury accommodations, local transportation, the plant medicines and supervising shamans for 1 coca ceremony, 2 cacao ceremonies, and 2 huachuma cactus ceremonies, daily yoga classes, day trip to Machu Picchu, and 90% of meals (there are just a few on your own). Note that this cost does NOT include flights. Please also note that this retreat does NOT offer health insurance, so we encourage you to purchase private travel health insurance that will cover the length of your stay in Peru.

On the next page, we will offer a brief overview of Plant Medicine and the specific plants we'll be working with (Cacao, Coca, and Huachuma) before moving into the application. Once you complete the application, you'll have the option to download our Plant Medicine PDF for further reading and exploration.

This application will take about 30min to complete. Once your application is reviewed, an invitation will be sent out shortly thereafter.

From our highest to yours,

Kelly + Kate

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