United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries Accessible to All (A2A) Checklist for Congregations
By completing this form you are telling the United Church of Christ that the congregation you represent desires to become an officially designated Accessible to All (A2A) congregation.
UCCDM expects A2A congregations to be able to answer yes to each yes/no item on the checklist.
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A2A Checklist
Tell us about what you are doing to include people with disabilities and persons with mental health/brain disorders.
After study, reflection, discussion, and working with allies in the disability community, our congregation is ready to be designated a UCC “Accessible to All” Congregation.This means more than having a ramp to us. Not only will we continue to make our building more accessible, we have taken steps to do the same with all other aspects of our life as a community of believers. Our congregation will be listed in the UCC web directory as an A2A church, designated by a blue square with “A” for Accessible to All. This symbol says we are working on this commitment and have an organized structure in place to assure that the issues of access and inclusion remain part of every aspect of our common life. In becoming Accessible to All we are committing ourselves to a process and attitude and not merely an outcome. *
Our governing body and pastor has endorsed becoming A2A. *
We have an Inclusion Committee/Team at our church. *
We have studied the UCCDM disability curriculum. *
We have notified our Association and/or Conference that we are working toward designation as A2A. *
About this form
This checklist is designed as on-line form. This form is best when viewed/used with Safari or Chrome browsers. Internet Explorer browser does not display the form correctly and is not recommended. There is a PDF printable version of this form which can be filled out and emailed or snail mailed to the UCCDM Board. The print version of the form is available at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NadhSuq4YKWiz2wIm9A53yYahGb6mk6CiAR6plUoJ48/edit?usp=sharing While filling this form out on line is preferred, print versions are available.
Our church has accessible parking reserved by the sign showing the accessible symbol. *
Our church building is accessible to all including at least one accessible restroom. *
We include information about disabilities, including the brochure “A2A Etiquette: What You Should Know” that is available in our training for Church Staff, Ushers,and Greeters at this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B28F-nJObnW2Z29zMVBqdUt0Wk0/view?usp=sharing *
Our church celebrates Access Sunday. *
We know who we can call on (special ed teacher or therapist who works in the field) for help in designing church school programs and modifying resources if necessary. *
We know where to find American Sign Language Interpreters and their fee schedule. *
We use or modify worship resources to reflect our commitment to becoming A2A. *
We advertise our church as being accessible / inclusive. *
Our website is accessible (is programmed so people with visual challenges are able to use screen readers and other technology to navigate the website). *
Our church publicity describes our congregation as “Accessible to All”. *
We commit to making an annual donation to the UCC Disabilities Ministries and/or the Virginia Kreyer Endowed Scholarship for Theological Education. *
Your Congregation's Response to the UCCDM Accessibility Audit
The last five questions ask about the Church Building and Program Accessibility Audit available from UCCDM. The audit form can be found on-line at http://goo.gl/forms/mEVDYunVjf The UCCDM Accessibility Audit can also be found as a PDF at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx1x83fCb5qQY2wtTEwxRUZMWEU/view?usp=sharing
We have completed the recommended building and program audit. *
Our score from the Church and Congregational Audit : (We recommend a score of 35 or higher out of 56) *
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Based upon our audit findings we have identified the following things as goals to achieve/things to change this year: *
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Based upon our audit findings we have identified the following things as goals to achieve/things to change in the next three years *
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Based upon our audit findings we have following things as goals to achieve/things to change in the next five years *
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Is there anything else you would like to share with the UCCDM Board at this time? (Comments/Questions)
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The A2A Symbol--Use it!
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