Petition to protect Children in Fukushima from Radiation Exposure

The Prime Minister of Japan Mr.Yoshihiko Noda
The Minister of Enviorment  Mr.Goshi Hosono
The President of Tokyo Electric Power Company
Mr. Toshio Nishizawa
The Governor of Fukushima Prefecture
Mr.Yuhei Sato


Government sets the level of radiation exposure at 20mS/year to people who live in the area where they should evacuate according to the standard. However infants and small children are four times more sensitive to radiation than adults. (elementary schoolchildren are twice more sensitive) We strongly request that government should immediately revise it and offer them much better conditions to evacuate.

There are people who have evacuated in order to protect children from the ongoing threat of radiation though their houses are located outside a radius of 30km. We demand the government to give them further support.

We demand that government should dismiss advisors such as Mr.Shunichi Ymashiata so that for example people can get information that there is a certain risk of being exposed to radioactivity for example. And in order to provide necessary information to people , the government needs to choose another advisor with extensive knowledge.

We demand that Health care inquiries which the government is planning to conduct on people in Fukushima should be done only for protecting people's health. To find at an early stage the symptoms of thyroid cancer which is said that many children would suffer from in the future, all people need to have echo-inspection , urinalysis, and blood tests. And we request that the government should set up an outside institution to constantly conduct these test.

We request the government to establish another institution besides existing ministries and offices so that the government can fix an appropriate criterion very soon , which adopts not only Japanese standards but also international ones , and release information.

After the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants , which belong to TEPCO, exploded, we had an extraordinary enormous fallout throughout Japan, which also seriously affected the world. In Fukushima prefecture people like farmers, stockbreeders, fishermen had such big damages in life and businesses from it as well, so the government should compensate them for everything immediately.

Considering the past example of the incident in Chernobyl , we are not at the present planning to let people go back to the evacuation area. There is no space for children to play due to heavy contamination of radioactivity. We demand that the government should decontaminate the area by replacing the soil there with clean soil.

We request that the government and TEPCO should buy the lands which are in a radius of 30km , build facilities there for interim storage, and make it a restricted area.
The government should not only release all information about it to people in Fukushima, but also establish outside institution in order to appropriately inform disabled-people.

We demand that the government should simulate nuclear power plant functions and try very hard not to let the same incident happen again so that the government should not drag people to work of decontamination .

The governor of Fukushima prefecture hasn't been properly informing people including disabled-people about the explosion of the nuclear power plants, which resulted in the fact that people were heavily exposed to radiation. Still now he is neglecting his job and doing nothing for the voluntarily evacuated people. We demand the Fukushima government should compensate them for all the money that they spent for their evacuation.

We demand the admission and apology of the Governor of Fukushima prefecture for the reason that firstly he received the information of Speedy from the Japanese government as early as the 11th March, and secondly before that information he had already had an instruction of iodine preparation, however he did nothing . Many local people were making lines to get water from water supply cars or to fill up cars at gas stations while they were being exposed to heavy radiation. Mr.Yuhei Sato should apologize to all local people in newspapers and on TV as well.

The governor of Fukushima prefecture made safety declarations of products such as rice. Actually many Japanese bought contaminated rice or other products from Fukushima. On the other hand farmers in Fukushima had no choice but to cultivate rice or go on as usual. Consequently radiation beyond the safety standard was detected in the products of Fukushima, which led farmers to get into severe troubles. We demand that TEPCO, the Japanese government and Fukushima prefectural government should buy all those products and compensate them by taking into consideration of last year's proceeds.

Many animals still remain in the caution area without being rescued. We demand to let some volunteer groups go into the area and rescue the animals.
We think that they also have the right to live ,eat, and to be happy. We don't agree to the idea to stop rescuing them on 27th of December 2011, because if the government says they can't rescue the animals since they are in the caution area , it might be a breach of the constitution.
The only person who can permit to rescue them might be the governor , we request him to do this right now.

Government should utilize its political power to work on the area
that needs to be evacuated. You have to broaden and ensure the evacuation route,
and also find new places where those people can live. Thank you

Child evacuation and preservation of animals Network Fukushima

Secretary general Yoshimasa kitsunai

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