Model Arab League Registration Form
Register for any Model Arab League (MAL) conference using the below form. A National Council staff member will contact you following your registration to confirm your country assignment(s). Teams are expected to represent their assigned country/countries on all Councils being convened at their chosen conference. To see how many Councils will be at your conference, check the conference page here:

Students whose school does not have an established MAL team may register as individuals by emailing Sidney Jones at Nearly all MAL delegates participate with a team, which is highly encouraged. Individual registrants must be 18 years or older.

Teams from outside the United States may also register for U.S.-based Model Arab League conferences using this form. International teams are expected to pay registration fees earlier than domestic teams. Details will be provided in a follow-up message from a National Council staff member.

If you or any of your delegates require special accommodations for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

Dietary Restrictions
Food Allergies
Religious Compliance

then please raise this with National Council staff to allow sufficient time for necessary arrangements to be made.

Please note that the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted, and will handle each on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with its associated partners. Inquiries should be made in writing to Student Programs Coordinator Sidney Jones (

If you are having problems with this form, please email Sidney Jones at

**Special Note regarding the National University MAL: Due to high demand, the National University MAL conference is by invitation only, and is currently at capacity. To be added to a wait-list, contact Sidney Jones at 202-293-6466 or

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Please check all the boxes that describe your team. This information is only used for statistical purposes.
Faculty Advisor Name: *
An Adviser is any teacher or faculty member involved in the logistics, funding, research, etc. of the team, and may be involved heavily or only a little. If the team is entirely student-led, please so indicate in this area.
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Head Delegate Name:
The Head Delegate is the primary student leader of a team. The Head Delegate may cast votes on behalf of the delegation at the Plenary and Summit Sessions. If a Head Delegate has not yet been selected, leave this section blank.
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Does anyone on your team wish to be a Council Chair?
In the box below, list the names and emails of any delegates on your team who have an interest in Chairing a Council. This is not a commitment, only an expression of interest.
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Country Selection
First, please indicate the number of countries your school would like to represent, which should be based on the number of participants at your school. Each country may be represented by one or two delegates in each Council. Check the conference webpage to see how many Councils will convene at your conference.

EXAMPLE: for a conference with 5 councils
- 5 Delegates = 1 Country
- 7 Delegates = 1 Country
- 10 Delegates = 1 or 2 Countries
- 11 Delegates = 2 Countries
- 15 Delegates = 2 or 3 Countries

Number of Countries Requested to Represent: *
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Number of Delegates on Team (est.): *
Second, estimate the total number of delegates your school expects to bring to the conference.
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Third, rank each of the 22 Arab League member countries in order of your preference. The National Council will assign you the number of countries you indicate below based on your order of preference and whether your school has represented those countries in recent years.
Saudi Arabia
2017-2018 MAL Registration Fees
-- High School MALs: $25/delegate
-- Regional MALs: $45/delegate
-- National University MAL: $55/delegate
*** After completing this form, please email Sidney Jones at to ensure that your registration has been received. ***
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