Crowdsale Registration ★ One Time Event
- Crowdsale participants protection: ALL raised funds will be used to support webGold exchange rate. More details in the White Paper
- Airdrop. Crowdsale participants have a unique opportunity to take part in a free distribution of newly issued WGD on a pro rata basis
- Unlike the overwhelming majority of other Crowdsales/ICOs we already have a MVP (minimum viable product)

Be one of the first 100 registered users that will have an opportunity to take part in a Special Round 48 Hours prior to the start of the Crowdsale. You will receive an email with instructions how to purchase WGD with a +40% bonus and + extra bonuses. webGold tokens issued during the Crowdsale will be supplemented with additional share (20%) that will be channelled for further development of the project.

★ UPDATE [coming soon] ★
As it took just a few days for our Whitelist to be filled up with quite a number of investors willing to contribute $50,000 and more, we're going to launch a webGold Airdrop ★ Special Rounds campaign to allocate additional tokens Thus WGD will not be distributed to a small group of major investors only. The campaign will help you and others get WGD before major investors even start purchasing the tokens. Considering the current price of ETH, the campaign enables the purchase of tokens with a significant 50% bonus and AIRDROP share.

Total Special Rounds token allocation: 2,500,000 WGD · $100,000 equivalent
Participants: max 190

WRIO Internet OS Hub:
White Paper:
ANN Thread:
Telegram Channel:
Telegram Group:

Email address *
Ethereum ERC20: Compatible
Crowdsale dates: TBA (Spring)
Accepted currencies: ETH
Exchange rate: 1 ETH= 20,000 WGD
Minimum purchase quantity: 2,000 WGD (0,1 ETH)
Maximum purchase quantity: 10,000,000 WGD (500 ETH)
Token Delivery Date: 21 day after close of the token sale
Crowdsale Stages
[SOLD] Presale. Bonus +100%. 10 mln WGD sold for $200,000
[WHITELIST FILLED UP] Special Round: Bonus +40%. 1 ETH buys 28,000 WGD. Duration 48 Hours, Cap: 20 mln WGD (Soft Cap)
[REGISTRATION] Stage 1: Bonus +20%. 1 ETH buys 24,000 WGD. Duration 5 days or Cap: 40 mln WGD
Stage 2: Bonus +10%. 1 ETH buys 22,000 WGD. Duration 10 days or Cap: 80 mln WGD
Stage 3: No bonus. 1 ETH buys 20,000 WGD. Duration 20 days. Cap: 160 mln WGD
How much WGD (☉) would you like to buy?
You can receive an extra bonus and a nice subdomain for your personal hub that can be specified during your participation in the Crowdsale.
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